Pelletizing machines

Pelletizing units are the essential part of useless plastic recycling and processing.

Our pelletizing units are widely applied in polymer processing,like HD PE,PP,PS,PVC.Our pelletizing 

units are famous for high performance and reasonable structure.

Strand granulating system                                                 

Strand pelletizing system could be applied to              

most polymers relatedapplications.It is very  


relatedapplications.It is very easy to operate and

convenient to maintain.The main compoents

usually include extrusion die plate,water bath,

water wiper,strand pelletizer,shifter,silo and

package system.


Water ring cutting system
Water ring pelletizing system could be applied to                 

some polymers, including PE, PP, PS, TPU, EVA etc.

The main components include extrusion plate,

pelletier, water circle system, centrifugal dewater

machine, silo and packaging system. The final

products look round and smooth.

Hot face die air cooling cutting system
Air-cooling hot face pelletizing system could be applied to process of some special polymers, including PVC, LLDPE, MB, highly filled Calcium Carbonate MB, degradable MB, LSFH, carbon black MB, cross-linkable PE. Air cooling hot face pelletizing system could avoid the moisture involved during pelletization process with replacing of air cooling. The main components usually include extrusion die plates, pelletizer, cyclone cooler and conveying units, shifter, silo and package units.

Under water cutting system
Under water pelletizing system could be used to process most polymers, especially for some special material that could not be palletized by other kinds of pelletizing systems, such as TPU, TPV etc. The under water pelletizing system is relatively complicated and highly costive to maintain. The main components in this system usually include extrusion die plates, pelletizer, water circle system, centrifugal dewater, silo and packaging system.