Compounding extruders

GUANGDA could provide several options for your compounding process. Actually, each kind of compounding extruders has

 it's own working principles and consequently has it's suitable treatable materials. GUANGDA'S excellent knowhow and 

engineers could help you get the best machines and systems for you specific.

 co-rotating twin screw extruders applications:

►Cable and wires like PVC compound, LSFH, PE corsslinkable compound;
►Degassing process, like K-resin, CPP, FI ruber SBS/SEBS, PMMA, ABS etc.
►Reactive extrusion like TPU,PMMA, Silicon rubber, graftingmaterials, controllable degradation, POM, PI etc.
►Filling modification with CaCO3, TiO2, Wood flour, BaSO4, and other fillers;
►Reinforcing Modification with GF, Carbon Fiber;
►Blending and Alloying
►Masterbatch prepariation of CB, color pigments, Flame-retardent, degradableMB, functional MB etc.;
►Cable and wires likePE compounds;